The Back to School Issue August 22 2014, 0 Comments

If I were as consistent with blogging here as I'd like to be, right about now, I'd be writing a post about back to school, the change of routine, the change in weather, the start of practices for fall sports, and of course, how Hippie Chick Granola is the best school, after school, pre-sport, and post sport snack there is for any adult and child! 

But I'm not consistent with blogging - so while I may be late to write that "Don't forget to order your Hippie Chick Granola for your lunch boxes, ya'll," back to school post, it's never too late to adopt a cause that feels close to my heart - and while it's not exactly, about going back to school, there *are* backpacks involved.  

As someone who bakes granola for business, much of my life revolves around food.  

However, I often think about families who don't have enough to eat, especially children who may leave their school environment on a Friday, where breakfast and lunch are provided, and not know whether they are going to eat again until they return to school on Monday morning.

Brunswick County, North Carolina, where I both live and operate my business, has an amazing organization that provides a backpack program for our school children.   Per their website, “Matthew’s Ministry provides weekend food for children in Brunswick County who do not have adequate food at home.  This year we will need over 500 backpacks to start the program. Backpacks go home filled with food on Fridays and are returned on Monday to be filled again.”

I want every child in Brunswick County, and everywhere, for that matter, to have enough to eat. 


With your help, I want to fill up backpacks with food. 

From now through September 15th, Hippie Chick Granola Co. will donate 50 cents to the Matthew’s Ministry backpack program for every 12 ounce bag of granola you purchase.  This is my gesture of thanks, to all of you, for an amazing first summer in business, and a gesture of love, to children everywhere, who deserve to sleep at night with a full belly.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.