Have Fun October 27 2014, 2 Comments

Monday mornings. 

Need I say more?

When I can wrangle my kids to the car pool line before the late bell, it’s a win.

I race up Route 211 to drop my children off at school with a packed truck, book bags, soccer cleats, lunches, my files and laptop and other odds and ends for the bakery.  I say good bye to my kids and make my mad dash for work, with a notebook full of to-do lists while I ruminate over things I need to add to my to-do list as I drive.

I am my own worst task master. 

(Yes, this pile of "to-do's" about sums it up.)

Yet as organized and “on top of” the to-do’s as I try to be, there are always more things on it than I can reasonably tackle.  There are plenty of tasks that slip through the cracks until taking action on them becomes critical.  The annual registration renewal on my car got taken care of on the 24th day of the month that it was due.    Permission slips from school get signed the night before the deadline.  Library books get returned…well, sometimes day of and sometimes not.  Sometimes a kind hearted librarian calls me to tell me a book was due a week prior…

Four months ago, the kids and I moved from our first home here on Oak Island, to the house where we live now.  At the time of the move, I contacted any agency that needed to have our change of address immediately, i.e., my auto insurance company, the electric company, and the children’s school.  As for anyone else in the entire world who corresponds with us, I’ve been slower to advise them of the change.  I just got around to ordering an updated driver’s license and alerting places like the cell phone carrier and the bank.  Other places are yet to be contacted.   

Being negligent about my change of address has caused a few snafus.   My last order of checks from the bank?  Sent to the old address.  The same thing with some packaging supplies for the bakery.

After enough delivery mix ups, I decided that the change of address updates had to be moved to the top of my priority list.  I would buckle down and knock every single one off my list.   Stat.     

Last Monday, I arrived at the bakery 90 minutes before opening time with a list of organizations that needed to be called or emailed with my new contact information.  I plugged in the laptop and pulled out my phone. I was on a mission to get this done once and for all. 

I started making calls while keeping an eye on the clock.  I had been on hold with an insurance company for what seemed like twenty minutes, and I could feel myself growing inpatient.  The window of time that I had to devote to paper work was closing.

The customer service representative who finally took my call began by asking the requisite security questions.  Once those formalities were out of the way, I gave him my new mailing address.    

“Is there anything else I can help you with today ma’am?”

“No thank you, that will be all.”

“All right then.  Thank you for calling. Have fun.”

Have fun?????

He didn’t tell me to have a nice day or a pleasant morning. 

The man told me to have fun.

Monday mornings almost never seem fun.  We’re back to work after a weekend where we all probably spent too much time running errands and leaving too little time for fun.

I am just as guilty of this as you are.

The truth of the matter is this:  We are all juggling, and for most of us, the to-do list is both exhausting and never ending.  The world won't end if we pause the to-do list.  As a matter of fact, that pause is typically where the important things in this world begin. 

This past weekend, I let the laundry and the errands sit in exchange for putting my toes in the Oak Island sand and chasing around a Frisbee at the beach with my son. 

I’m a terrible Frisbee player.   

But I had fun.


Wishing all of you a week full of love, laughter, and fun,