Try Our Newest Blend For Free! September 17 2015, 4 Comments

Months ago, when the temperatures were still sweltering on Oak Island, and our biggest concern was your chocolate pretzel granola melting on the way home from our bakery, we began thinking up fun flavors for fall.  We all love pumpkin, right?  But we kept getting called back to try something different.  Something sweet and savory, with just a touch of spice.  Something that would warm us up from the inside as the Oak Island mornings began to cool down.   

Who doesn’t love a good apple?

This week, we’re handing out samples of our new apple spice granola for the world to try.  Like last year with our chocolate espresso granola, the recipe is likely to go through many revisions before it hits our shelf.  But it starts here.  With your input. 

For the next week, through Thursday September 24, you will automatically receive a 4 ounce bag of our new work in progress, apple spice granola, free of charge, when you place an order for two 12 ounce bags of granola via our website, or make a $15.00 granola purchase in our bakery. We like to “keep it simple” so no coupon code is necessary.  Limit one bag per customer, per order, please.   

We want to include you in this process because it is our job to ensure that we are creating products that you love, so what better way to do so than to have you taste test our recipes while they are still in the inception stage?

Thank you, as always, for being a part of our story and for your continued support.