More Love, Less Sugar! January 14 2016, 0 Comments

Happy New Year, Dear Ones!

We hope you spent the holiday season doing things you love with people you love, and that your January has proven to be a great start for a wonderful new year.

We feel honored that you chose to give Hippie Chick Granola to people who are important to you during the holidays and we hope everyone in your circle who received a bag (or several) were pleased and satisfied with the product.

While not everyone believes in new year’s resolutions, we at HCGC set the bar high a few weeks back.  We are on a quest to reduce as much added sweetener as possible to select granola blends.

We say “select” blends because we consider our sweeter flavors, such as chocolate pretzel and peanut brittle to be more like treat or “dessert” flavors and furthermore, we rely on the brown sugar in Tamara’s Blend (chocolate pretzel granola) and the Demerara sugar in Bernice’s Blend (peanut brittle granola) to help lend those flavors the carmelized texture that boasts their phenomenal crunch and chunky texture.  

The fruit blends are our target flavors. 

To date, we have reduced the dehydrated cane sugar in Fiona’s (cranberry almond) Alison’s (tropical fruit) Kimberly’s (ginger) and Scarlett’s (apple spice) blends by HALF.  We will keep experimenting with reducing the sweeteners, so long as we maintain flavor.   We believe that Kimberly’s and Scarlett’s Blends are good candidates for removing the dehydrated cane sugar entirely, since they contain maple syrup as well as a dash of honey for sweetness.  Also, these blends have a variety of spices that lend to a full flavored taste.  Fiona’s and Alison’s rely more heavily on the dehydrated cane not only for sweetness but for that slightly smoky taste offered by this dark, unrefined crystal, known for retaining its molasses content.  

The reduction of added sweetener will be a work in progress, and as always, we welcome your questions and feedback.

Wishing you a beautiful year!

Much love,

Ilene Evans