A Hippie Chick Kid Birthday and our Flavor of the Week November 07 2016, 0 Comments

Just because I’ve made it my mission to make the world’s best granola, doesn’t mean I know how to bake cupcakes.

But my first born daughter does.


When we hosted a birthday party for my son Brooks, who turns 11 this week, I recruited Fiona and her best friend Peyton to whip up some magic in our home kitchen.   

The result was a few dozen red velvet and yellow cupcakes with expertly applied icing.

They were tasty enough to beckon the boys away from their Nurf gun war for a few minutes.  


Maybe the greatest lesson I learned this past weekend was to think very carefully before having an 11 year old slumber party over daylight savings weekend.  As a result of the time change, I had a living room full of boys, awake and alert at 5:00 am on Sunday morning, wanting to go outside and shoot Nurf darts at each other.

Regardless of the chaos that reigned in our house this weekend, I should mention that I wouldn’t trade being a boy mom for ANYTHING in this world.

Last year at this time, the kids and I were heading back from a week in Florida, where we were fortunate enough to vacation with a family very dear to us from our native state of New Jersey.


We ate peanut brittle granola our entire seven hour car drive to Orlando and back to Oak Island. I’ve always referred to this flavor as our “road trip blend” since the chunkier texture lends to the ease of eating it straight from the bag.  It’s that perfect marriage of sweet, salty, and crunch, and the combination of rolled oats and peanuts make it filling at the same time.

This week, in honor of road trips and creating great memories, wherever we are, we’re making Bernice’s Blend, our peanut brittle granola, our featured “flavor of the week.”    As announced last week when we launched our flavor of the week program,  we will make the 12 ounce size bags of the featured flavor available for purchase at a 10% discount ($7.65 each).   This will give you an opportunity to purchase your favorite flavor blend at a courtesy price, approximately once every two months.  There is no limit on the purchase quantity and no discount codes are needed.  If you purchase via our website, the cost of the featured flavor will be pre-set at the special price in our online store. 

A note about flavor of the week turnover day:  Every Monday, the flavor of the week will change.  I would love to tell you that it will be at a specific time, like 11:59 pm or 12:01 am,  but we are small and unautomated.  The featured flavors are not planned in advance, and rely on the ingredients I have on hand, production schedules and other external factors in that moment, which are all part of the beauty and surprise of being "small."   If you’d like to take advantage of a flavor of the week courtesy price, please place your order by Sunday evening.      

I hope that your week is full of fun, happiness, and memorable occasions! 

With love always,

Ilene Evans