Introducing Specially Priced Flavors of the Week November 01 2016, 1 Comment

We love fall and we hope yours has been fun and festive.

Halloween Weekend was a blast on Oak Island. The Recreation Center hosted it’s annual “Spooktacular”  costume party on Friday evening and led a candy hunt on Saturday at Middleton Field followed by a big screen movie presentation of “Hotel Transylvania.”

My girls were all in.   

Meanwhile, in the bakery, we’ve had a blast with our “Caveman Campaign” for the grain free granola in our local newspaper.  We've recruited a number of unsuspecting victims to don "cavemen" outfits and strike a pose with our Paleo blend for the camera.  They have been great sports! 

We’ve also been contemplating different ways to say “thank you” to you, our kind and amazing customer base.  We’ve been investigating different reward and loyalty card options, where our customers could purchase “x” amount of product to earn one free of charge, but we have yet to find the perfect option. 

The paper cards tend to get lost and the digital cards are not necessarily the best fit for the size and scope of our company.  However, we still want to show our appreciation for your continued support. 

In lieu of a loyalty card, we are introducing a “flavor of the week,” in which we will make the 12 ounce size bags of one specific flavor of our product collection available for purchase at a 10% discount ($7.65 each).*   There is no limit on the purchase quantity and no discount codes are needed. The Flavor of the Week will be available in our Oak Island Bakery and via our web store, and if you purchase on the website, the cost of the featured flavor will be pre-set at the special price on the product page. 

We’re launching our “Flavor of the Week” program today and are kicking it off with Tamara’s Blend, our Chocolate Pretzel Granola, as the first featured flavor.   It has finally cooled down enough in temperature that we feel confident to ship Tamara’s Blend to most climates without the risk of melting chocolate, which makes it the perfect inaugural blend. 

Although in our minds, chocolate is the perfect answer to everything! 

Whether you are "here," in town, or long distance, we appreciate your loyalty.  It takes a village to not only raise children but also support a small business. Thank you for being my village.  Have a wonderful first week of November! 

With love,

Ilene Evans 

*There are no substitutions for a featured flavor of the week.  However, we will grant a rain check for brick and mortar Oak Island bakery customers, should we run out of stock.