About Us

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. When Ilene Evans, a single mother, found herself in a cash crunch in late 2012, she took her prized homemade granola recipe to the streets, selling it to family and friends to use as Christmas gifts, out of the trunk of her car. Then, the unexpected happened. After the holiday season was over, people kept knocking on her door to order more.In the summer of 2013, when Ilene and her children relocated from the Jersey Shore to Oak Island, North Carolina, her customers told her that if she would be willing to ship her granola, they would continue to purchase it. This led Ilene to take a "leap of faith," and in early 2014, she opened the doors to a small batch granola bakery in her new hometown.  She has created a growing collection of granola blends, from her traditional original recipe, to the surprising and the decadent, one batch at a time, for the world to enjoy ever since.  It is Ilene's mission, along with the mission of Hippie Chick Granola Co. to put love above all else. Always.   Thank you for being a part of our story, and thank you for allowing Hippie Chick Granola Co. to be a part of yours.