Where is the nutritional information, such as calories, on your labels?

Due to the current size of our company, we are not required (at this time) to create nutrition facts labels in conjunction with the ingredients. 

Is your granola gluten free? 

It is not gluten free.  We make our granola with conventional rolled oats versus gluten free rolled oats.  It is our understanding that oats are naturally gluten free yet they can become contaminated by glutinous foods at their processing plants.

We do not add any other glutinous products to our granola - with the exception of the chocolate pretzel blend, where there is gluten in the pretzels.   

My child has allergies.  Is there a way to special order certain varieties without the nuts? 

We want you to have a great experience with our product.

We also want you to have a safe experience.  

Most of our granola blends contain either tree nuts or peanuts. 

Our chocolate pretzel granola is nut and free, however, we do not segregate our baking equipment.

In certain cases, we can re-create our flavors without allergen ingredients, again, keeping in mind that all baking, even special orders, is manufactured on the same equipment that processes peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, and wheat ingredients.  While we sanitize our equipment after every baking cycle, we do not segregate equipment that is used for baking foods that are likely to be recognized as allergens. 

Please call us!

I live in your area but can not make it to your store during business hours.  Is there another way I can purchase your granola without having to have it shipped to me? 

If you live locally yet can't make it to our store during our regular business hours, feel free to call our store or email us at ken@hippiechick-granola.com  to schedule a convenient time for an after hours pick up. Also, please look at our Where to Buy page to identify other local businesses that carry our product, some which have longer/different hours than we do. 

How do you calculate your shipping rates?

Our rates are based off the average pricing to ship a US priority mail package in the weight range of the shipment as well as the region it is shipping to within the United States.  We do NOT make money on the shipping charges. We favor USPS Priority Mail, since it offers the most cost effective way to ship products in our weight class for a 2-day delivery.  We prefer Priority Mail over a non-priority delivery method due to the limited shelf life of our product (in most cases, we anticipate the product to have a 45-day shelf life).  All shipping is FOB Oak Island, North Carolina, therefore, you will find that the rates are slightly lower for this immediate area and up and down the East Coast. There is a slight increase in rates once we ship to the New England states, west of the Chicago Area, and out to the West Coast.